Construction d'un cinéma avec MC-FastKick

Den Bosch - Pays-Bas

Kinepolis Den Bosch is a super-modern multiplex cinema equipped with cutting-edge laser projection technology and digital sound systems. It is operated by the Kinepolis Group. Founded in 1997, this listed corporation currently boasts 95 cinemas in Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Poland.
High standards, tight timing

The construction project in Den Bosch was planned against a very ambitious schedule. The client was under time pressure and required concretes with rapid strength development so that the cast components could be stripped on site and the concrete slabs smoothed as quickly and early as possible. The chosen ready-mixed concrete manufacturer Voets-Langeraap B.V. consulted MC to see if there was a particularly effective concrete formulation to help accelerate the construction process and improve productivity.
The challenge was to retain the concrete’s required consistency as it travelled from the mixing plant to the installation site and then to achieve rapid strength development within the first few hours to allow early smoothing.

Grâce en grande partie au MC-FastKick 111, le cinéma multiplex ultramoderne de Den Bosch a pu ouvrir comme prévu le 25 juin 2018.
Grâce en grande partie au MC-FastKick 111, le cinéma multiplex ultramoderne de Den Bosch a pu ouvrir comme prévu le 25 juin 2018.
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Two-phase efficiency

The MC experts recommended MC-FastKick 111, a product launched in 2017. The chloride-free hardening accelerator initially has a strong liquefying effect, but then ensures rapid hardening with controlled reduction in the setting time of concrete and mortar. In addition to increased early strength values, the new hardening accelerator from MC also results in higher final strengths due to a special activation mechanism which causes the concrete matrix to become ever denser and more solid over time.
In the first active phase, MC-FastKick 111 combines with a PCE-based superplasticiser to offer a consistency extension of up to two classes without influencing the stiffening behaviour. In the second phase, MC-FastKick 111 exerts a positive effect on the crystal growth of the calcium silicate hydrate phases in concrete. This leads to an appreciable increase in the crystallisation rate and significantly increaseed early strength values – without negatively affecting the other concrete properties. The result is an early-setting, high-strength concrete ideal for this type of project. These properties also make MC-FastKick 111 the perfect choice for winter construction projects and for the precast industry, where the major reduction in cycle times is an obvious benefit. The challenge during construction in Den Bosch was successfully met thanks to these MC admixtures, enabling the multiplex to open its doors on June 25, 2018 as planned.

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    Construction d'un cinéma avec MC-FastKick

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    Den Bosch - Pays-Bas, 2018

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